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Elegant Looks | Cutting Edge Movement | Exceptional Craftsmanship

When you put on a Steinhausen watch you are transported to a world of timeless elegance, style and untold possibilities. Steinhausen’s story begins in 1923, with founder Ulrich Van-Heusen creating the first of an incredible line of exquisite watches that went on to be the heart of the company.

With his two sons alongside him, Ulrich founded the company in the Swiss city of Steinhausen, which gives the company its proud name. Beautifully designed and built with exceptional craftsmanship, Ulrich’s watches quickly garnered a reputation for incredible quality. Soon, Steinhausen watches counted Kinks, Generals, Czars, Princes and Emperors as customers, becoming one of the best-known watch brands in Europe. Wherever you travelled, from the casino in Monaco to the gleaming palaces of Moscow, people were wearing Steinhausen watches.

Today, you can share in that history, as new production methods and that classic style come together to give you the new Steinhausen range. These are still craftsman-built watches with the beautiful, classic style of those early years, but they are matched to cutting edge technology to create the innovative timepieces you see in our collection.

Our range provides superb quality and outstanding value to create a new approach to the legendary Swiss timepiece. With a state-of-the-art production facility, Steinhausen blend modern technology with incredible, elegant designs that take us back to a different era.

Steinhausen watches are sophisticated and understated, they have classic looks with a modern edge. Each piece celebrates our past, delivers in the present, and looks forward to the future. Steinhausen watches are true timepieces in every sense.